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Istanbul Dance Festival


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We’re ready for the 2024 Istanbul Dance Festival! Indeed, in 2024, this festival will celebrate its 12th Anniversary Edition of this Dance Festival!

Specifically, this fun and exciting Salsa, Bachata, and Kizomba Dance Festival will be held from March 20th until March 25th, 2024 in Istanbul Turkey!

Istanbul also known as the city of Sultans is waiting for you! It is a magnificent city with a rich history.

Historically, it was specifically referred to as Byzantium and Constantinople. Besides its historical sites, you will find many wonderful modern-day conveniences and breathtaking views in this alluring Turkish city. Search FlightsImage

Come and dance with the Sultans of Dance!

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What is the 2024 Istanbul Dance Festival Venue?

Pullman Istanbul Hotel & Convention Center: Yenibosna Merkez, 1. Asena Sk. No:15, 34295 Bahçelievler, İstanbul, Turkey.

If the main hotel is sold out, then the Bachata Embassy recommends the following hotels near the festival. The Istanbul Gonen Hotel, the Gorrion Hotel & the Seyithan Palace Hotel.

Festival passes are available directly from the Festival Organizers’ website.

No Bachata Embassy Discount Promo Codes are available for this dance festival. Prices currently start at 140 Euros.

Also, remember to get your E-Visa if traveling to Turkey from abroad!

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2024 Istanbul Dance Festival Bachata Artists

  • Daniel y Desiree (Spain)
  • Marco y Sara (Spain)
  • Cornel y Rithika (India)
  • Abdel y Lety (Spain)
  • Azael & Sindi (Mexico & Lithuania)
  • Magda y Valeria (Poland & Italy)
  • Ofir & Ofri (Israel)
  • Sergio y Marichu (Spain)
  • Estefania Diosdado (Spain)
  • Ais & Vital (Kazakhstan)
  • Andres & Katrina (Colombia & Russia)
  • Arnaldes & Bri (Israel)
  • Besher Hamdan & Maria Luneva (Turkey & Russia)
  • Burak Akkoç (Turkey)
  • Burak & Begüm (Turkey)
  • Dima y Dilara (Russia)
  • Dorin & Claudia (Romania)
  • Ecemsu Aydın & Mert Can Özkan
  • Eliza Kariieva (Ukraine)
  • Emigen & Emanuela (Albania)
  • Emerson y Alara (Germany)
  • Emotion Dance Studio (Bulgaria)
  • Furkan Dinçer & Budans Social (Turkey)
  • Joan & Sindi (Albania)
  • Konstantinos & Katerina (Greece)
  • Lorenzo & Irina (Romania)
  • Kenan & Işıl (Turkey)
  • Konstantin & Polina (Russia)
  • Kristina Bukulova (Russia)
  • Marco Ferra (Cyprus)
  • Marco & Vessy (Bulgaria)
  • Mert Gençoğuz & Sinem Şahin (Turkey)
  • Muhammet & Dinara (Turkey)
  • Murat Karakaş (Turkey)
  • Nadia Compas (Russia)
  • Nelson (Australia)
  • Oleg & Lena (Russia)
  • Ömer & Şule, Serhat & Gonca, Pilatin (Turkey)
  • Roger Cracco (UK)
  • Rron Haxhiislami (Kosova)
  • Saj & Emi (UAE)
  • Sakis y Marta (Netherlands)
  • Samantha (France)
  • Satsuki Amano (Japan)
  • Sefa Şahin (Turkey)
  • Serap (Malta)
  • Sergio & Daria (Turkey)
  • Soreş (Turkey)
  • Sorush – Crazy Lion (Sweden)
  • Stelios & Konstantina (Greece)
  • Twins & Curlies (Russia)
  • Viktorija (Lithuania)
  • Yoanna & Stanislav (Ukraine)
  • Teodora Kaloyanova (Bulgaria)
  • Viktor & Valeria (Russia)
  • Vlad Y Nataly (Russia)
  • Yalçın & Sheyda (Turkey)

Kizomba & Urbankiz Artists

  • Albir Rojas (Spain)
  • Azzedine (France)
  • Enah Lebon (France)
  • Jay-C (France)
  • Gwany & Liliana (France)
  • Said Dstreet (Ukraine)
  • Endos & Yare (Holland & Turkey)
  • Gadour & Paulina (Tunisia & Malta)
  • Jules Kizouk (Canada)
  • Mert Ocho (Netherlands)
  • Nick & Olga (Australia & Russia)
  • Sanjay MJ (India)
  • Alex Karo & Tamo (Georgia)
  • Amr Kasseb (Egypt)
  • Bekzod & Svetlana (Turkey)
  • Emin & Lana (Turkey)
  • Erkam & Kübra (Turkey)
  • Izzet Yıldız (Turkey)
  • İrfan Ayık/Kizmir (Turkey)
  • Lidiya (Turkey)
  • Messouth & Gülay (Turkey)
  • Ömer Kılıçgil (Turkey)
  • Satsuki Amano (Japan)
  • Tatiana Che (Russia)
  • Victoria Olefir (Ukraine)
  • Volkan & Xenia (Turkey)

2024 Istanbul Dance Festival Salsa Artists

  • Alberto Valdes & Andria Panagi (Cuba)
  • Maykel Fonts (Cuba)
  • Fernando Sosa & Tropical Gem (Italy)
  • Frankie Martinez (United States)
  • Bersy Cortez (Venezuela)
  • Karel Flores (United States)
  • Marco Ferrigno & Ansima Ballet (Italy)
  • Pablito y Su Mezcla Latina (Italy)
  • Panagiotis & Myrto (Greece)
  • Albina & İlia (Russia)
  • Angelo Rito (Italy)
  • Arianna & Eva Bazzini Sisters (Italy)
  • Aytunç Bentürk (Turkey)
  • Damian Cejas (Netherlands)
  • Diego Avendano Ibarra & Özlem Sevimkan (Turkey)
  • Iva Iordanova (Bulgaria)
  • Miguel & Seda (Ireland)
  • Pambos & Eli (Bulgaria)
  • Sasha Phillips (United Kingdom)
  • Victor Gonzalez & Özlem Okur (Cuba)
  • Alp Yomralıoğlu (Turkey)
  • Aylin Gürsan (Turkey)
  • Bahar HacıMehmet (Cyprus)
  • Berkan & Gülden (Turkey)
  • Betül & Can (Turkey)
  • Ebru Çınaroğlu (Qatar)
  • Efe & Ayşe (Turkey)
  • Emek & Büşra (Turkey)
  • Engin Orhan (Turkey)
  • Fatih Haktan Coşkun (Turkey)
  • Fatih & Yasemin (Turkey)
  • Hasan Bostancı (Turkey)
  • Islam Ibragimov (Russia)
  • Işıl Özbek (Turkey)
  • Joan Eric Bailar (Cuba)
  • Joaquin (Cuba)
  • Koray & Beyza (Turkey)
  • Maxim & Helin (Turkey)
  • Mert Gençoğuz & Yağmur Şafak (Turkey)
  • Metin Yavaşlar (Turkey)
  • Nurhan Hoca (Turkey)
  • Nur Özkan (Turkey)
  • Oğuz Kurtili (Turkey)
  • Onur & Gözde (Turkey)
  • Önder Pamukoğlu (Turkey)
  • Raşit & Büşra (Turkey)
  • Sahar Abou Khalil (Lebanon)
  • Selin & Mehmet (Turkey)
  • Serkan & Yeliz Yıldız (Turkey)
  • Sezgin Özaslan (Turkey)
  • Sinan Balkaya & İzel Altınören (Turkey)
  • Sinan Çırka (Turkey)
  • Şenol Vefa Gülmez (Turkey)
  • Ufuk Taze (Turkey)
  • Yasin Kırman (Turkey)
  • Yoel Letan (Cuba)


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