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Sharing the passion of Bachata around the world

Welcome to the Bachata Embassy

Firstly, the Bachata Embassy is an International Bachata Dance organization that was established in 2021.

Secondly, this organization is a diverse, cohesive International Bachata Organization to help elevate all genres of Bachata and Bachata Music under one main Bachata Umbrella.

Thirdly, the Bachata Embassy features a diverse international team of Bachata Artists, Dancers, and Instructors, who dance many different styles of Bachata around the world. This group of dancers and DJs with multilingual capabilities are also helping to grow the organization around the world.

Lastly, the Bachata Embassy is expanding quickly with its headquarters located in the Washington, DC Metro area and our new European office based out of Lisbon, Portugal. 

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Bachata Dance festivals


We update our Bachata Festivals & also Events Calendar daily with new Bachata Festivals and Events worldwide! Specifically, all of the Bachata Festivals listed on our site will feature Bachata as part of the overall event. Under the Bachata umbrella, we welcome all styles of Bachata including original Dominican Bachata, Sensual Bachata, Bachata Fusion, and also Bachata Tango. 

Additionally, we include many other hybrid Dance Festivals on our calendar as we work closely with other dance groups in the international dance community to highlight different dance styles at small, medium, and large-scale festivals around the world. 

Indeed our Ambassadors page is updated weekly with new Bachata Ambassadors from all over the world! If you are interested in nominating a Professional Bachata Dancer, Artist, Instructor, or DJ, then please contact our team. Lastly click on a Bachata Ambassador’s photo to view their profile page and find out more about them!

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