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Welcome to the Bachata Embassy! If you are planning a trip to Buenos Aires and want to know where to dance Bachata, Salsa & Kizomba then this article is for you.

Prior to going to Buenos Aires, I did some research on where to stay. Indeed all my local friends that I spoke with recommended Palermo for first-time visitors!

I found a great hotel in Palermo named Dazzler by Windham. It was a great place to base myself and was centrally located to many dance clubs.

Locals Tip! Make sure to book a hotel with a flexible cancellation policy! Here is a Bachata Embassy link for hotels in Palermo, some with excellent cancellation policies!

Argentina is well known for great steaks, friendly locals, and also Tango dancing but it took a little bit of work to find some good places to go Bachata dancing, Salsa dancing, and Kizomba dancing.

Here are my recommendations on where to dance Bachata, Salsa, and Kizomba in Buenos Aires, Argentina!

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LA Salsera

This Latin Nightclub is located at Yatay 961, C1184 ADQ, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Indeed it is the oldest continuously run Latin nightclub in Buenos Aires.

La Salsera opened in 1988. It started as a meeting place for Latino students who came to Argentina to study. Then in 1997, it became the first Salsa Club of Argentina.

Since then it has featured many legendary Salsa singers to include Celia Cruz, Victor Manuelle, Oscar Deleon, Tito Puente, Luis Enrique as well as Gilberto Santa Rosa.

In fact, this Latin nightclub has three levels, a patio, and multiple balconies.  The ground floor features many special events on Friday and Saturday nights.  

The first level floor is used for salsa dancing and the second floor is normally used for Bachata dancing.  Additionally there are a couple of hidden ways to get upstairs so if you arrive and don’t see anyone dancing ask the guy at the entrance how to get to the other levels.

Salsa dancing here is mainly LA-style Salsa and Cuban Style Salsa. The Bachata music played here is a good mix of traditional and sensual bachata. All the dancers here were very friendly and I wasn’t turned down for a dance all night long.

Cover Charge & Dance Classes

Specifically the cover charge was only 400 Argentinian pesos about $2.00 USD using the current blue market rate. Coat check was also available on the ground floor at the bar and was only 50 pesos or about .25 cents.

They also have Salsa, Bachata, and Kizomba dance classes.  Salsa and Bachata Dance classes are normally held on Sunday night from 7:00 to 9:00pm.  Kizomba Dance classes are currently held on Thursday nights starting at 8:30pm.

Indeed, I was fortunate to be able to attend La Salsera’s 33 Anniversary Weekend party held from November 19th -21st and had a great time!

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El Barcito Bachata

When I asked some locals where to dance Bachata in Buenos Aires, their first response was El Barcito Bachtero. Without a doubt El Barcito Bachtero is a popular location to dance Bachata and Salsa in Buenos Aires. 

Specifically this Latin Dance nightclub is located at Av Rivadavia 7927, Flores Caba.

DJ Chris Paul, DJ Magic, and DJ Pipo Ignacio are the resident DJs. Additionally on some nights they also have a live band. For special events, the first floor is normally 100 percent Bachata and the second floor is Salsa.

Bachata Dance classes and Salsa Dance classes normally start at 10pm during the week or 11pm on weekend nights, followed by social dancing until 5am.  Tables can be reserved by contacting Diego via Whatsapp at 11 3167 3849.

Moreover make sure to check out their Facebook and Instagram pages to stay up to date on the latest parties, events, and Latin dance lessons.

Extakiz@Fusion Kiz Labs

This is a popular Urban Kizomba party held every Thursday night called Extakiz.  It is located at Chel Bar 5309 Honduras, 414 Ciudad de Buenos Aires, Argentina. 

Urban Kizomba Classes start at 8pm and social kizomba dancing starts after the Kizomba dance class. The party normally closes around 01:00 am.

Dancing is on the second floor and the cover charge is normally 700 pesos, which is approximately $3.50 USD using the current blue market currency exchange rate. The cover charge includes a free drink, which you get from the bar on the first floor. 

The resident photographer for this weekly party is Luis Zitro who does a great job capturing special moments at these parties.

If you are staying in Palermo this is a very easy and quick location to get to. Above all remember to check their Facebook Page and Instagram page for the latest on Kizomba parties and classes. 

Kizomba Dance Group Buenos Aires

Chau Che Clu 

Chau Che Clu is a Latin Nightclub located at Av. Vélez Sarsfield 222, C1282 CABA, Argentina. Every Sunday night they hold Cuban Style Salsa lessons and a social party. 

If you love Cuban-style Salsa dancing, then this is the place for you! This popular Cuban Salsa night is very similar to the Cuban Style nightclubs you find in Andalusia, Spain.

I arrived early on a Sunday night and found about 20 dancers waiting for the club to open. The doors open around 8:30pm. Cuban Style Salsa dance lessons start at 9:30pm and social dancing starts at 10:30pm.

Moreover remember to call and make a reservation for a table 11 3938 1117. Specifically the entry fee is only 400 pesos, which is currently about $2.00 USD using the blue market currency exchange rate. 

Without a doubt I recommend taking Cabify or taxi directly to and from the nightclub as it is located away from the more touristy areas of Buenos Aires such as Palermo and Recoleta.

LA Viruta

La Viruta is a well-known Tango milonga and dance school located in the heart of the beautiful neighborhood of Palermo.

It is a pioneer from the 1990s and is one of the most visited milongas and dance schools in Buenos Aires. Director Luis Solanas, the founder of La Viruta, has been teaching new generations to dance for decades.

This Milonga also has Salsa and Bachata dance classes and socials weekly. It is located at Armenia 1366, C1414 CABA, Argentina. It features many good Bachata and Cuban Style Salsa Instructors.

Currently, Tuesday night is the night to go for Salsa and Bachata but make sure to check their Facebook page and Instagram page for the latest on Salsa and Bachata dancing. You can also contact them via +54 9 11 2616 -1122.

Azucar Son y Ron

This is another fun place for Bachata dancing and Salsa dancing in Buenos Aires.  It is located at Avenida Cabildo 2370 local 95, Belgrano 1428 Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Salsa and Bachata Dance Classes normally start around 8:30pm to 10:30pm depending on the day of the week.  Friday and Saturday nights are very popular and it has received many good reviews from visiting dancers.

Make sure to check out their Facebook page and Instagram page for the latest events information. 

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Travel Tips for Buenos Aires, Argentina

Firstly if you are planning on traveling to Argentina soon make sure that you are fully aware of the visa requirements. Secondly pick up a local sim upon arrival upstairs in the airport. Thirdly research what areas are low in crime and stay there. Fourthly download Cabify once you have a local sim card so you get around cheaply and safely. 

 Cash versus Credit Cards

Without a doubt I recommend using cash and not credit cards in Buenos Aires.  Right now the blue market currency exchange rate is approximately 200 pesos per $1 USD. 

If you use your credit card, then the rate is approximately 100 pesos to $1 USD.   In order to make sure that you are not receiving counterfeit bills go to a local stationary store there and buy a pen to detect false bills.

Thanks for visiting the Bachata Embassy! I hope this information about where to dance Bachata, Salsa, and Kizomba in Buenos Aires, Argentina is helpful to you.  Don’t forget to sample the amazing food and desserts on your trip!

Feel free to share this article with your friends and let us know if we are missing any good information on where to dance Bachata, Salsa, and Kizomba in Buenos Aires, below in the comments section.  Hope to see you on the dance floor soon!

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