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Dance Festivals & Events Page!

We update our Dance Festivals page daily with new Bachata Dance Festivals and Bachata events worldwide. Indeed we also include many popular Salsa Dance Festivals & Latin Dance Festivals.

Specifically, all of the Dance Festivals listed on our site will feature Bachata as part of the overall event. Under the Bachata umbrella, we welcome all styles of Bachata. This includes Traditional Bachata, Bachatango, Modern Bachata, and also Sensual Bachata.

We also include many hybrid Dance Festivals on our site. Indeed we work closely with other groups in the international dance community to also highlight different dance styles.

Additionally, the Bachata Dance Festivals and events on this page will include many festival details. This includes the style of dance, type of music, line up of the DJs, Instructors, and also Artists.

Dance Festivals Disclosure Statement

Specifically, all information provided here is for informational purposes and is subject to change. We do our very best to keep all data up to date. 

However, it is important to check all information with the official organizers to ensure accuracy. We are not responsible and are not liable for any damages caused by inaccurate information.

Dance Festivals Promo Codes!

We also offer special promo codes and promo links from festival organizers that we work with worldwide.

Basically, these codes provide you with a special discount when you purchase a full festival pass.  Two of our most frequently used promo codes are (FIRE) & (JPPJ).

Dance Festivals Tips for Attending your first International Dance Festival!

If you are planning on attending an international dance festival here are some tips. 

Firstly check the passport and visa requirements for the country in which the dance festival is being held.

Secondly, write up a detailed budget for your trip. Make sure to include all planned expenses and also include a cushion for unexpected expenses!

Thirdly, look into travel insurance for your trip. Make sure that you are covered in case you get sick or injured during your trip.

Fourthly, research your festival to make sure that it includes your specific style of dance. For more tips check out this article on our sister site Kizomba Embassy.

Remember that we do not sell any passes or tickets to dance festivals. These dance festivals are run by dance festival organizers around the world. 

Additionally, lineups change frequently so we recommend contacting the festival organizers directly with your questions.

Also, make sure to check the small print for each festival regarding refunds and the ability to transfer passes. Additionally, we hear from dancers about slow responses to emails from dance festival organizers.

We recommend both emailing festival organizers and messaging them on the Dance Festival Facebook Event page.

Dance Festivals – Tips for First-Time Dance Festival Organizers!

If you are a first-time dance festival organizer please take a look at this article. It has many tips on how to book artists for your festival. It also gives you advice on writing a contract and setting up a dance festival. Lastly, we always recommend working with a good team of volunteers to make your dance festival a success!

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