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Bachata Spain Bachata Dancing at the Host Nightclub Madrid Spain

Bachata Spain! The New Best Places To Dance Bachata In Spain!

Are you a Bachata dancer with plans to visit Spain? Then this Bachata Spain article is for you! Here I will list some of the best places to dance Bachata in Spain. 

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The Host Nightclub is a very popular Latin Dance Club in the center of Madrid, Spain.  Specifically, it is located at Calle Ferraz 38, not too far from Plaza Espana.

Every Wednesday night Bachata Dance classes start at 9:00pm until 10:30pm.  The Bachata dance party starts at 10:30pm until 04:00AM.

On Thursday night they have Bachata Dancing and also Salsa Dancing.  Bachata & Salsa dance classes start at 9:00pm until 10:30pm. After that, the dance party starts at 10:30pm and finishes at 04:00am.

Moreover, every Friday night is Bachata Dance night.  Bachata dance classes start at 9:00pm-11:00pm. The dance party starts at 11:00pm and goes on until 06:00am.

Saturday night at the Host Nightclub is called Crossover Night, normally a mix of Latin music and reggaeton. In other words not as much Bachata or Salsa music.

Additionally, the Host nightclub has Kizomba night every Tuesday.  Kizomba Dance classes start at 8:00pm until 10:00pm.  The Kizomba dance party starts at 10:00pm until 03:00am.

Admission charge varies depending if you join one of their guest lists. Normally it is around 10 euros which includes a free drink.

Above all please remember that the Host nightclub is closed every Sunday and Monday night.

Lastly for nice accommodations nearby the Host Night Club, check out these three hotels. 

Suites Viena Plaza de España

Espahote Plaza Espana

Hotel Madrid Plaza Espana

Contact Info:

You can contact The Host Nightclub by email and phone:

Phone +34 918 05 36 48

Facebook: TheHostClub 

Email: [email protected]

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This Latin Club is another popular location to dance Bachata and Salsa in the center of Madrid, Spain. Specifically Azucar is located at Calle de Atocha, 107, 28012 .

It is open only on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday Nights!

Thursday is Bachata night with ladies free from 11:00pm until 01:00am.

Guys entry fee is 9 Euros and includes a drink. 12 Euros with two drinks and 20 Euros with three drinks included.

Friday night is Salsa, Bachata & Kizomba night!  11:00pm until 06:00am.

Dance classes are from 10:00pm until 11:00pm, meanwhile the Salsa, Bachata & Kizomba Dance Social starts at 11:00pm and finishes at 06:00 am.

Saturday night is Salsa, Bachata & Merengue night! Dance classes start from 10pm until 11pm. After that the Salsa, Bachata & Merengue Dance social starts at 11:00pm until 06:00am.

Lastly there is parking available at 70 Calle de Atocha, however, I definitely don’t recommend driving in the center of Madrid.  Use the metro or a ride-sharing service like Cabify.

For nice accommodations nearby Azucar Discoteca, see the below hotel links:

Hotel Freedom

The Hotel Madrid Atocha

Hotel Catalonia Atocha

Hostel Barrera

Contact Information: 

Phone 605839086 



Salsa Dancing at Antilla Nightclub in Barcelona

Antilla is the oldest Salsa dance club in Barcelona. Specifically, it is located at Carrer d’Aragó, 141, Barcelona, Spain.

Indeed this very popular Latin Dance nightclub is open every Wednesday through Sunday night. 

Moreover, the nightclub features two rooms that play different music each night. Bachata dancing is available each night in one of the rooms.

Thursday night is the main Bachata night called Bachata Session.  It starts at 11:00pm.

The nearest subway stations are Urgell as well as Hospital- Clinic L1 or L5.

The entrance fee normally includes one drink ticket and without a doubt, the mojito is the most popular drink for attendees.

Antilla also runs a dance school.  Specifically, the school teaches Bachata Sensual, Traditional Bachata, and also Cuban Salsa.  Furthermore here is the link to the current Antilla dance school schedule.  

Remember to check their Facebook page to see the latest schedule.

For nice accommodations nearby Antilla Discoteca, check out these three hotels:

Hotel NH Barcelona Eixample

Sercotel Ámister Art Hotel

Barcelona Century Hotel

Contact Information:


WhatsApp: 610 900558


Asucar Nightclub in Valencia Spain

Asucar is without a doubt my favorite place to dance Bachata in Valencia, Spain.

Specifically, it is located at Calle Beato Nicolás Factor nº 12 Bajo Valencia. This Latin Dance nightclub is open every Thursday, Friday & Saturday night.

It also features two large rooms for Bachata & Salsa dancing.  The current resident DJs are  DJ Miguelon as well as DJ Roberth. In general, dancing starts around 11:00pm.

The local dancers here are very friendly and welcoming to visiting dancers.  

Bachata Spain Tip: Stay downtown and take a car-sharing service such as Cabify or a Taxi to and especially leaving this nightclub.

For nice accommodations in downtown Valencia, check out these hotels:

Hotel Zenit Valencia

Mon Suites Benlliure

Hotel One Shot Palacio Reina Victoria 04


Dancing at Esencia Nights Badalona

Esencia Nights hold amazing Bachata events at a couple of locations both inside Barcelona and also in Badalona.  Badalona is approximately 20 minutes northeast of downtown Barcelona.

On Sunday nights, they have an amazing Bachata Night at Sarau 08911. This is a multi-event venue location that also holds different events each night. Specifically, the address is Ramon Martí Alsina 32 08911 Badalona, Spain

Bachata Dance classes start at 9:00pm. Meanwhile, the dancing starts around 10:30pm.

Bachata Spain Tip:

Take the train to Badalona and Cabify back to Barcelona at night!


Bachata Spain - Dancing on the terrace at Mala Bar in Valencia, Spain

If you want to dance in Valencia on a Sunday night during the summer, then Mala Bar is the place to be.  Mala Bar is located in the well known and beautiful Veles e Vents building in the port area.  Indeed you can see this massive white building from miles away.

Every Sunday evening from 1800 they have a fantastic Caribbean Salsa & Bachata party which goes until 01:30AM. Admission is normal free until 7pm and then its 10 Euros. Another key point is that this is one of the earlier dance parties in Valencia as most other places don’t open until 11pm.

Rafael Arango & Jeffrey Mancebo are in charge of keeping the crowd dancing all night with DJ Naty. This outdoor dance area overlooks the water and is lit up at night. 


Specifically, the address is Planta 1, Edificio Veles e Vents, La Marina de, 46024 Valencia.

Bachata Spain Valencia Local Tip:

Lastly, to get up-to-date information on this and all Salsa, Bachata & Kizomba parties in Valencia join the I Love Salsa Bachata & Kizomba Facebook group. 

Thanks for visiting the Bachata Embassy! I hope this information about where to dance Bachata in Spain is helpful to you. Don’t forget to also sample the amazing paella and tapas on your trip!

Feel free to share this article with your friends and let us know if we are missing any good Bachata spots in the comments section.  See you on the dance floor soon!

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