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The Five Most Popular Dance Workout Styles!

It’s a pleasure to share the below guest article from Shairful on The Most Popular Dance Workout Styles. Shariful is from India and is a Bachata Embassy, contributor. Check out his latest updated article on The Five Most Popular Indian Dance Forms!

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There is a common misconception that to get in shape, you must attend a gym. Do not worry; there are plenty of alternative methods to be healthy and active that does not entail a grueling treadmill session. 

According to research, if you love exercising, you are more likely to persist with it, so choose an activity that seems more like pleasure than hard labor.

Keeping your fitness regimen different, such as going to the gym one day, Pilates the next, and then a dancing class might help you remain motivated. It also ensures that you receive a full-body exercise.

Dancing is a terrific way to keep active and is ideal for people of all ages. From Zumba to Salsa to Pole Dancing.

This article will go through 5 of the most popular dance workout styles from around the world.

Zumba Dance Workout

Since 2001, Zumba has become a prominent dance fitness system and the most popular form of dance class in the world. Zumba classes are held at least once a week in 150 countries and over 140K venues. 

Zumba is a hybrid of at least three styles:

  • Creole, 
  • Latin, and 
  • African

The routines are choreographed to current pop tunes and other contemporary music. Everyone has a good time, laughs, and occasionally tears, but everyone has a good time in every class. 

Zumba does not have a clothing code, an age restriction, or a fitness requirement. Everyone is invited to join and have fun while doing what their physical ability allows.

Since its debut in 2001, Zumba has grown to become the world’s most popular Dancercise class, with 140,000 locations worldwide.

You can only become a teacher after passing their certification procedure. Before signing up for a gym membership, be sure that they only utilize qualified instructors in all phases of their club.

Trained instructors will motivate you to burn more calories, remain within your limitations, and avoid injury.


Hip Hop Dance Workout

This style originated in the 1970s in the United States. Hip-hop courses with loud music and dance till you drop are arguably the greatest dance workout style for intense cardio exercises. Some programs guarantee that your body will burn 650 calories in a one-hour session. 

One hour on a treadmill at a fast pace is believed to burn 300 calories, therefore “Let us Just Dance.”

Hip Hop courses are accessible in almost every gym throughout the globe. Check to see whether the teachers are certified. Hip Hop moves may be dangerous, thus it is critical to practice with someone who knows what they are doing. Start with a beginner’s lesson and you will be ready to go partying in no time.


Afrobeats is a newer dance workout that is gaining in popularity worldwide. This style of dance comes from traditional African dance styles and is danced to new Afrobeats music.

This dance style is also becoming very popular at Kizomba and Urban Kizomba Festivals worldwide. You can also attend afrobeats and brunch events in many cities around the USA.

Because of the wide cultural distinctions in musical and movement styles, Afro dance, sometimes known colloquially as “Afro,” refers primarily to the dance of Sub-Saharan Africa, and more correctly African dances. 

These dances must be considered in conjunction with Sub-Saharan African music traditions and Bantu rhythm cultivation. African dance employs both the notion of and whole body articulation which makes it one of the best dance workout styles.


Latin is synonymous with love, and everyone adores it for its music, machismo, and other attributes. Salsa is a fusion of techniques that will work your legs and hips as you have never worked them before.

Another excellent feature is that the sessions are enjoyable and sociable; there are Salsa Dance schools and pubs throughout town where you can show off your new talents.

Find a gym that offers courses; most provide programs for people of various skill levels. The dances are extremely intimate and personal, as well as provocative, so you should pick your partner ahead of time. 

You will not only be active and get some wonderful exercise, but you will also notice an increase in self-confidence. 

Salsa may help you become a new person.

Pole Dancing

Pole dancing is a challenging new sexy dance that is very difficult to master. It has exploded in growth with women worldwide.

Pole dancing is an all-body exercise. Even at the most basic level, the exercises are dynamic and use numerous muscles at the same time. It is no surprise, therefore, that so many personal trainers are embracing it.

Many pole dancing moves demand you to raise and hold your body weight, thus it is great for strengthening your back muscles, biceps, triceps, and forearms. 

Even if you arrive at a class with little upper body strength, pole dancing will quickly build it up. If you need some Pole Dancing outfits then check out our special link. 


How Much Do Dance Workout Classes Cost?

Most drop-in dance workout classes cost between $15 to $30 dollars in the USA. Exceptions to this are normally found in high-cost areas such as New York City, San Francisco & Honolulu.

Many dance workout class instructors or studios also offer dance class passes for a certain number of classes. Additionally, most dance fitness studios offer a monthly membership with a discount.

Final Thoughts

Remember a dance workout is a very popular type of exercise that can include many different styles of dance. Dance workout classes or dance fitness programs normally provide attendees with great anaerobic exercise and also dance training. By combining these together you get a fun workout without getting bored.

So, these are the 5 most popular dance workout styles from across the world. 

Which dance workout style are you going after? 


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